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  1. Which itineraries suitable for you?

This is the first traveller question when they would like to travel aboard. It’s depend on your holiday duration first, then is attraction of destination and your budget. Da nang is beautiful city and you can stay there monthly but still feel happy. But, if you don’t have enough the time, the itinerary can be 4 days 3 night. You can discovery almost well-known place around Da nang city and can’t be regret when come back home.

  1. When you should come there?

Da nang is beach city and Vietnam will be affected by storm and flood. You should visit Da Nang from January to July and October to December. Other month let change to Hanoi city. You will enjoy all beautiful of Da nang all your travel trip.

  1. Delicious dishes

You travel beach city and always thinking SEA FOOD! Da Nang not only have cheap and fresh seafood but also have Pig meat special dishes ( meat rolls). You will see that Da nang restaurant is charming, beauty, clean and friendly. Their menu so diverse, delicious and

  1. How you can stay there?