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Train is the best choice for safe trip. Yes, this is the result from transportation world organizations. If you have long trip at Vietnam and would like to take beautiful picture in the transportation, let choice train. Vietnam has railway from the North to the South so you can reach anywhere by train.

1. How is the way to get ticket?

Now a day so easy to book train ticket. we can take it as details bellows :

- Buy online : you can open link of vietnam railway  then do step by step until got a code for your booking. You can payment online for your booking or payment directly at train station office within 3 days make reservation. 

- Buy at train booking agency : Many travel agent can help you buy train

ticket, you will lost around 30.000 VNĐ ( equal 1.5 USD) for one ticket. you only give them your name and passport number, you will have train ticket after 10 to 30 minutes.

- Buy train ticket at train station officer : You can go directly to train station and buy it. So fast and easy without fee.

2.Type of train.

Vietnam has 03 type of train 

- Fast train : when you using this train, the train will stop at main train station and go faster than other train. It's more beauty and new facitities. You can check this train with code : SE1 to SE6

- Slow train : This train will go slow and stop many time on their way from Saigon to Hanoi ( and back). 

- Province train : This train only start from Hanoi or Saigon to some province. Normaly , it's short trip.

3. Price 

The train ticket at Vietnam is so cheap. The price from 300.000đ ( 15USD) to 1.500.000đ ( 75 USD) depend on the long of destitnation. 

Suggestion for train trip.

If you have travel itinerrary around Vietnam, you shoul use train some route :

- Hanoi city to Hue city  ( train number SE1 or SE3)

- Hanoi city to Lao Cai province ( Sapa , let use SP1 - SP4)

- Hue city - Nha Trang city ( SE1, SE5)

- Da nang city - Saigon city  ( SE1, SE5)

- Saigon - Nha Trang ( SE2, SE6)

- Saigon - Da nang ( SE2, SE6)