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Vietnam Domestic flights

14-10-2017 09:07 Anne

Plane is the best transportation means in the world. Why is the best? It's the best safe, fastest with luxury services for your trip. Otherwise, We can buy air ticket with lower price than car or train with the same route in the promotion time. Viet Nam has three airlines company.

  1. The first is Vietnam airlines, this is national company and it's luxury services and rarely delay or cancel trip in normal conditions.

History of Vietnam Airlines:

The history of Vietnam Airlines dates back to January 1956, when the Vietnam Civil Aviation Department was established by the Government, marking the birth of the civil aviation industry in Vietnam. At that time, the fleet was small with only five aircraft of IL-14, AN-2, Aero-45… which started to serve domestic flights in September 1956.

In July 2016, Vietnam Airlines received a 4-Star Airline Certificate from Skytrax, the world’s leading airline and airport rating organization.

Moving Forward
Positioning itself as a young, modern carrier whose brand is characterized by Vietnamese traditional culture and internationally recognized, Vietnam Airlines is purchasing world’s most modern, environment-friendly aircraft, such as Boeing 787 and Airbus A350-900 and making constant efforts to improve its service quality. The airline is striving to become one of the most favourable carriers in the Asia-Pacific region.

2. The second is Jestar Pacific airlines:

This is airlines with cheap price but we meet delay time. If you are a boss and dont want to waste time, this isnt a good choice. we can choice it when flight in some special schedule. Jestar Pacific has some international trip that it never delay. They use good plane.

3. The thirth is Vietjet Air 

Its truely cheap airlines with very very low price in the promotion time. Ofcouse you can meet delay time in that trip but in case of cheap price, we can acceptable.

Have a best trip.



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