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We always hope that we’re going to be perfection and discovering the whole world, in a step by step, getting more knowledge, improving itself. We’re young, and broke, by heart we‘re interest in new land, people love traveling can’t say anything. New trip, new land, new friends, that’s truly great adventure. As you know Vietnam is fancy country, people and natural is really impressed. Don’t waste your time I promise you’ll learn so many things. And finally keep in your mind some advises if you visit Vietnam the next time.




- You need to ask clearly about the price before you order anything. It’s the same as eating street food, remember to ask the price before buying it. If you feel that you are paying higher than locals, leave that place and go to another location. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from.

  • - You should hold your bowl close to your mouth while eating to prevent food spoiling.
  • - Remember to pass the dishes with both hands. Using one side is considered disregard, especially when dining with older generations.
  • - You should finish all the food in your plate to express respect for the cook .

- be care for with the pickpocket, in the public place such as supermarket, walking stress… you should watch out with some bad guys….Petty thefts are a common problem in tourist attractions, so you would want to keep an eye on your luggage while on the streets. The advice here is to never store your money in one pocket. Keep separate sums in different bags so that you can have a backup when one is lost.

Moreover, it’s also safer to leave important things like passports, ID card in the hotel if you plan to be outside for all day.



- Covering up when you don’t need:

It’s show respect for instance, when you visit Pagoda or other prayer building.

- Wear too short, or maybe a half not cover.

- Bring your shoes. When visiting a prayer building, it’s have to remove your footwear the same when you enter Vietnamese house.

- Cross the stress without paying attention: the traffic in Viet Nam always is hot subject to discuss. Not only do travellers but also do people living here. One of the most “freaking-out”

- Experiences Oreigners have in Vietnam must be crossing the street. The traffic here, particularly in big cities, is more than a mess. That’s why it’s difficult and dangerous when you want to pass the street. The best way is to find a walking bridge or tunnel. But when there is none of them, you may kindly ask the locals for a favor. Don’t be shy or embarrassed.

- In Vietnam, people used to chopsticks rather than forks and knives, so if your chopstick skill is minus, it’s better-off asking the host for forks or spoons, or you can bring your own utensils. When not in use, place your chopsticks in the holder. Never stick them vertically in the middle of the rice bowl, which is deemed as offerings for the dead.