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        I love Hanoi through high-rise buildings, through thousands of years old trees, through old streets with hundreds of cultural and historical relics. Loving the roads, run into a small corner. And a great love for the people of Hanoi

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         Hanoi on a fall morning, giving people a sense of lightness, the repercussions of hot summer days instead of the trees are turning themselves instead of a new shirt.  Walking through Hoan Kiem Lake - Attraction from the old town


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            The Hanoi Old Quarter area currently has 121 works, relics of temples, pagodas, shrines and more than 1,000 valuable housing constructions, including more than 200 housing works of special value. These include famous monuments such as: 87 Ma May Old House, Dong Lac Communal House 38 Hang Dao, Bach Ma Temple, Kim Ngan Communal House 40-42 Hang Bac ... And talking about Hanoi is also talking about Craft Town. These streets were formerly the place where craftsmen were gathered from the villages surrounding Thang Long. Over time, these streets no longer sell traditional products as before, but some streets still retain traditional jobs such as Hang Bac with a silver craft or Hang Duong with a confectionery industry.

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           Hanoi also has a bridge with many historical marks, which is the "Long Bien Bridge". A few steps from the old town, the bridge has a length of 1,682m, connecting the two districts of Hoan Kiem and Long Bien. Having survived the fierce war against America, Long Bien Bridge is considered a symbol of a difficult but heroic period of the Capital. A special highlight of Hanoi is the old town night market. The night market is held from 6pm to 11pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. The market is held on a long street, starting from Hang Dao street and ending at the gate of Dong Xuan market. On Saturday nights every week, at the two markets there are performances of folk arts such as rowing, ramming, mandarin, ca tru ... The Old Quarter Night Market gathers nearly 4,000 stalls selling everything from fashion to handicraft items, souvenirs ... with reasonable prices.

The memory of the mossy old town is associated with the names of a series of neighborhoods such as: 'Hang Dao, Gai rows, Dong rows Khay rows, empty rows and streets like Lan Ong, Bat Dan, Dong Dan, Cau Go. and Luoc, with brown-roofed houses, yellow-limestone walls, toad shops, flower shops, bicycles, and the clanking sounds coming from street corner barbers.

 Far from the usual bustle, Hanoi at night also makes me full of nostalgia, wandering on the streets listening to the wind blowing, peeking away from a few shops still open. I feel happy on strangely.

          Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, about 18-23 hours, visitors eagerly participate in the night market on the streets of Hang Ngang, Hang Dao, Hang Duong. Today, the night market extends to Hang Khoai and extends to "Hang Giay"   . Dong Xuan general market has lots of interesting things. Where you can have a part of them, one of different things.

“ Ta Hien ” Beer Street

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Draft beer select a small dish Du lower our department.

In the heat of the summer weather, there is nothing better than talking with friends and enjoying cool beer in Ta Hien Street. Every evening, this place becomes a gathering place for a large number of people from students, commuters and especially backpackers from many parts of the world.

Not only beer, the restaurant in Ta Hien also serves rustic dishes at affordable prices for diners. Coming to Ta Hien to enjoy exciting music, chatting and drinking a cool beer with side dishes such as sour rolls, chips, dried beef, grilled squid, ... will be a difficult experience. Forget about your travels. Hanoi is gentle, lovely, luxurious and noisy. Hanoi brings in itself a charming, fantasy and beauty. I come to Hanoi to have great experiences and Hanoi inside me always has a special place like when I loved at first sight.