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Hire 7-seat car

Price: $25

  • SSVHR03
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  • tourist
  • 27/04/2020


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- We have a professional customer care department, always advising customers graciously, happily and enthusiastically to listen and understand all needs and bring the most satisfaction to customers.

- We are proud of a team of civilized and friendly drivers who are happy and friendly, have a good command of a foreign language, are experienced, and know the traffic well, ensuring the high accuracy of the transportation time.

- Going to the airport, going to Hanoi city, traveling, summer vacation, ...

- All cars put into 7-seat car rental service are always new cars. Especially to meet the needs of our customers, we have invested more than 50 vehicles with the most luxurious and popular 7-seat cars such as Ford Everest, Toyota Fotuner, Toyota Innova, ......